In marketing, it’s not about the amount you spend. It’s about the message you send.”

Tim Burt

International marketing and messaging expert.

More than 30,000 commercials worldwide. Over $50 million in products and services sold.

Latest News:

21st April 2019

Facebook Live Masterclass

April 18, 2019

How do you advertise a newer product in a crowded field?

The barbeque sauce and salsa markets are two of the most competitive on the planet

In this Facebook Live Masterclass, Tim offers a few powerful marketing suggestions and strategies to a barbeque sauce in Atlanta called “Bulluck’s.”

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Tim Burt’s Free “Millionaire Marketing Masterclass”

When you control the message, you control the money.

In this FREE Masterclass, YOU WILL LEARN:

  • How to create a message that SELLS, regardless of what industry you’re in
  • 3 of my proven script formulas (the “Subway Map Method” and “1+1+1+=1)
  • If your ads are breaking the law – and you don’t even know it!
  • The elements your website must have to start making money online

And many more proven advertising and marketing facts.



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Here’s the great thing about Tim – he focuses on getting you rapid results by getting you laser-focused, cutting through the clutter, and inspiring you to produce outcomes!”

James Malinchak

Featured on ABC's hit TV show "Secret Millionaire"

Tim is really, really smart…and is great at what he does.

Dan O'Day

International radio and copy writing expert

Tim blew us away. Our radio and tv salespeople loved his presentation. Can’t wait to have him back!

Gary Moore

Owner, Local Broadcast Sales

You’ll learn so much about advertising and marketing from Tim in a very short amount of time. I certainly did!

Joe Laber

Owner, A Cup Of Joe Media

Marketing Quotes From Tim

“Your commercial will be the first time that someone is exposed to your businesses.


You never get a second chance to make a…”

– Tim Burt

“Your commercials and marketing must make your competition panic.


If they don’t, you have little to no competitive advantage over them.”

– Tim Burt

“The byproduct of an effective ad and marketing: the public will think of your business first above all others.”

– Tim Burt

“The amount of money your advertising and marketing will make for your business is directly tied to the simplicity and clarity of your message.”

– Tim Burt

Podcasts and Interviews

BooksUnderdog Empowerment – Zachary J. Babcock

Click here to listen.

Copywriter’s Podcast – David Garfinkel

Click here to listen.

Uncle Jimbo Side Show – James PM Gaffney(Warning: NSFW language)

Click here to listen.

Fox Sports Radio interview

What killed the AAF?

Listen as Tim gives his post-mortem evaluation on Fox Sports Radio, WYFX-FM.

Click “Play” above to listen.


BOOK #3:

“A Kick In The Ads”

Coming May 2019

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